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This is the most complete program for creating content, curating photos & videos, captivating the viewer, and running your socials a pro.

This proven foundational system of Create, Curate, & Captivate is the only social media & marketing program available that not only shows you how to achieve a professional social media presence but also convert followers into customers.

But who is this really for…..

Become A Social Media Manager is for entrepreneurs like you who have a product or service that you know (with all your being) needs to be seen but you’re so overwhelmed with social media trends, algorithm changes, & the constant noise from the latest + greatest IG guru…….that you end up doing nothing.

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Are you a…..

A new business owner who knows little to nothing about social media but you know the exponential impact social media can make on your business.


A seasoned business owner who is tired of trying to guess what to post, when to post, how to post, or even who you’re posting to. (tip: if you’re marketing to all, you’re marketing to no one)


A newbie social media manager (or you want to become one) who is ready to learn tried & true plus proven systems from someone who has 25 years marketing experience.

Girl, we’ve been waiting on you!

Become A Social Media Manager will give you the systems, tools, knowledge, & support to run your socials like a pro with zero confusion or overwhelm.

And here’s how:

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This program will teach you:

Create: the foundation of it all 

learn the basics of setting up a strong social media account

Curate: aesthetic feeds, photo & video editing 

learn how to post content that attracts, edit videos for trends & long game repurposing, & taking photos like a pro.

Captivate: growing & engaging your audience

learn how to captivate your audience, turn followers into customers, and grow your social media without ads.

Managing Platforms: how to use and where to use

learn how to repurpose & reuse the same piece of content on multiple platforms to work smarter not harder plus learn exactly what social media analytics matter when you view your stats.

Managing Your Business: prices, contracts, boundaries

learn how to set your prices, why contracts matter, setting boundaries, & how fear holds you back.

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6 Implementation Modules

with over 50 videos showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to know in order to run your (or a client’s) social media like a pro

5 Business Workbooks

to make sure you have ample training material to run your business successfully.

to make sure you have ample training material to run your business successfully. 

Private Facebook Group

to ask questions & get feedback

to ask questions & get feedback 

Guest Expert Trainings

learn from seasoned successful business women who are in various fields.

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