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Are Sales Posts Icky?

Does the thought of being "salesy" on social media make you cringe? As a female business owner, I get it, often we feel we need to prioritize “not stepping on toes or making anyone not like us” over promoting ourselves. I am raising the banner high and calling on you to do the same. 2024 is the year we break free from these restrictions and show up boldly on social media without sacrificing our authenticity. This is the year we showcase our offers unapologetically because our communities are depending on US to do the work we’ve been called to do. 

Yeah Sis, I’m calling you out for being too quiet. 

I’m calling you out for letting others silence your voice. 

I’m calling you out for not telling your story and letting your survival guide be another’s road map.

I’m. Calling. You. Out.

I know it can seem hard to figure out how to post without pushing people away, but really it’s not. Start by just telling your story. How would your best friend tell someone about you and what you do? Be her, explain it as she would.

Here are some simple but empowering ways to show up more on social media while feeling confident and true to yourself:

  1. Share your personal story - Your story is powerful enough to attract your ideal customers who can relate to your journey. Be bold and share your struggles and triumphs to inspire others.

  2. Educate your audience - Share your expertise by creating valuable content that's relevant to your industry. Provide solutions to common problems that your audience is facing.

  3. Celebrate your customers - Let your customers know how much you appreciate their support by highlighting their journey and successes. Showing gratitude, genuine interest, and commitment to your customer will build a community of loyal supporters who will become your army of advertisers!

  4. Behind the Scenes - Let your customers know more about you. Share common struggles that you’ve had and how you overcome them. That’ll help them feel closer to you, and they’ll resonate with your message.

  5. Be engaging - Be accessible and engaging with your followers, answer their questions, and address their concerns. Engage without predetermined scripts so that you’re creating conversations that feel authentic. Use the emojis, let them feel seen, love on them! 

Remember, social media is a place to connect and create meaningful relationships with people. You don't have to prioritize sales over building those connections. By being authentic and true to your brand messaging, you can make an impact and grow your business without sacrificing your values.

So, take a deep breath friend, you’re making this harder than it needs to be. 

But with that said, get to work. 

Tell your story boldly, unapologetically, and share your work. (even if your voice shakes on stories, even if you don’t feel ready, even if you don’t feel put together)

Stay strong Queen, you’re already qualified for the job, stop doubting yourself.


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