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The Podcast Episode For Female Christian Entrepreneurs

I am thrilled to announce my recent guest appearance on the podcast of Scriptures, Stories, and Strategies with Niqueea Sykes, Creative Director + Founder The Marketing Prophet, where I had the opportunity to discuss my take on Jesus's Marketing Blueprint: Social Media Growth, Branding, & Building Systems.

During the episode, we delved into the importance of building systems and incorporating social media strategies to attract more customers and build a successful online presence. We talked about how Jesus' teachings and principles can be applied to modern business practices.

We also highlighted the significance of creating a brand that accurately reflects your mission and values, and the role that storytelling plays in establishing a connection with your audience.

I truly enjoyed the conversation and hope that listeners could take away practical tips and insights that they can apply to their own businesses or personal lives.

If you haven't had a chance to listen yet, I encourage you to check out the episode and subscribe to Scriptures, Stories, and Strategies for more inspirational and thought-provoking content.

Thank you Niqueea at Scriptures, Stories, and Strategies for having me as a guest, and to all the listeners for tuning in and supporting our conversation.

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