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The "Follow My Steps To Go Viral” Advice Kinda Sucks

There are a zillion other people who teach people how to succeed in social media.

I have no illusions about being some unique unicorn who does this ;)

And as much as I actively try not to follow the others who teach similar things as I do (because it messes with my head and comparison syndrome kicks in), there is something I've noticed that many of them say that makes me raise an eyebrow every time.

It's the promise of: "if you follow my exact steps, you will go viral every time and get 2500 followers off one reel!!"

Ummm wait... what?


I hate to break it to you, you can copy but the paste isn’t the same. 

You may or may not go viral from following someone else’s exact steps.

Virality isn’t predictable and what works for one isn’t a guarantee to work for another.

Example: one of my Tiktoks received 2M views while a similar one I made received 400 views.

The math doesn’t math, does it? 

Well, that’s because it goes back to: virality isn’t predictable

But that doesn’t mean you cannot get your videos in front of more (ideal)  people, it really comes down to a simple 2 step system:

Create quality content.

Create content consistently.

Because when it comes down to the nitty gritty: virality does not equal cash in your bank account. I’d rather 100 ideal clients look at my content with the interest to purchase than 1M viewers who will never be a client or customer.

But maybe you’re like, “Crystal, I struggle to create Reels in general, it’s hard”. 

I got you.

These are easy examples that don’t require you to learn any dances or point on beat.

Also, grab this free social media masterclass if you haven’t already to help you!


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