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Why You Need Elevated Conversations

I'm so honored to interview my friend and client, Cassie Howard, a business and money mentor. We discuss various topics, including Cassie's background in the porn industry, being open and proud of her past, choosing the right clients, refunding clients, the power of being in the room with successful people, and challenging traditional approaches to social media. 

Why you need elevated conversations

• Be open and proud of your past experiences and the lessons you've learned from them.

• Choose clients who are the right fit for you and don't be afraid to refund or say no to those who aren't.

• Being in the physical room with successful people can be transformative and provide valuable learning opportunities.

• Challenge traditional approaches to social media and be bold and authentic in your content.

• Simplify your business and focus on what truly matters to achieve success.

00:00 Introduction Questions and Excitement

00:57 Cassie's Background in the Porn Industry

03:25 Choosing the Right Clients

0:45 Refunding Clients and Making Space for the Right Fit

05:43 Working with Clients of Different Beliefs and Lifestyles

07:10 Delivering the Message of Not Being the Right Fit

08:35 Putting Ego Aside and Prioritizing the Client's Best Interest

09:30 The Magic of Being in the Room with Successful People

10:26 The Power of Being in the Physical Room

11:54 Creating Magic in the Room

13:18 What to Expect in Cassie's Events

14:46 Making Introverts Feel Welcome in the Room

16:07 Being in the Room with Higher-Achieving Individuals

18:29 Challenging Traditional Approaches to Social Media

19:28 Being Bold and Authentic on Social Media

20:56 Not Caring About Being Blocked on Social Media

21:54 The Lie of Giving Away Free Content Before Selling

23:23 Simplifying Business and Overcoming Overcomplication

25:21 The Value of the Inner Circle and The Club

29:15 Crystal's Journey to Joining Cassie's Team

30:08 How to Work with Cassie

36:16 Closing Remarks 


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