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List Building Basics

Building an email list can be one of the most effective ways to increase your turnover and profits as an online business.


That’s because each email on that list represents a potential customer to market to and to sell to. Depending on the value of your product, this can represent a lot of money.


The only issue? Building that list in the first place can take a lot of time, effort, and financial investment. In other words, you need a big list to make a lot of money as a marketer… but you also need a lot of money as a marketer to build a big list!


Or at least this is what was once thought. Today, it is possible to build a massive email list without spending a cent. And not only that, but you can do so without investing hundreds of hours into the project too. After all… time is money!


This book is your comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about building a huge mailing list on a budget. This is your first step toward building your own digital empire.

List Building Basics

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